BRINK BEYOND THE Beyond the Brink the game

Based on the report of the CSIS Simon Chair Beyond the Brink: Escalation and Conflict in U.S.-China Economic Relations

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If you were representing the United States in the U.S.-China trade war, what decisions would you make? What if you represented China?

In this game, you will lead a negotiating team through two rounds of economic negotiations. We’ll set you up with a fictional scenario. You can choose to escalate or deescalate the conflict using tools of economic statecraft. At the end, we’ll tell you how your choices impacted the U.S.-China relationship.

Predicting costs, waging bets, and “winning” are complicated, so give it your best. When you’re done, check out the latest CSIS report on U.S.-China economic conflict linked below.

In this game, all results are fictional and, in some cases, dramatized.

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